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Ashes of Our Joy

Plot Introduction

As Ashes of Our Joy, Book Two in The Epic of Karolan, begins, Sir Ilohan has journeyed to remote Ceramir and has proven to be a true Knight of Karolan in every way. Ilohan tries to come to terms with the realization of his own significance, and to sort through his feelings for Veril, a lovely daughter of Ceramir whom he met under unfortunate circumstances -- all this while recovering from a serious illness.

Ilohan's faithful companion, the powerful blacksmith Jonathan, prepares to accompany his friend wherever he may journey next -- while longing to be reunited with beautiful Naomi, the shepherdess of Glen Carrah to whom he has pledged undying love. On the other side of the mountains, King Thomas rejoices in the good news from Ceramir while at the same time preparing for a brutal war with King Fingar of Norkath, who is determined to make a bid for the throne of Karolan.

All plans are changed when the great eagle Skykag soars into Ceramir carrying terrible news: King Thomas has suddenly died, and Fingar's invasion can be expected within days. Princess Eleanor, and old King Thomas himself, had laid all their plans assuming that Ilohan would be in Karolan when invasion came -- that he would lead the army and inspire the men to hope. Now a long and dangerous journey separates the knight from the embattled realm he swore to serve. There is nothing Ilohan can do to get back to Karolan in time... or is there?

Will Ilohan and Jonathan attempt a journey that has been known for centuries to be impossible? If they ever return to Karolan, what will they find there? With Fingar's invasion inevitable, and evidence growing of treachery within Karolan itself, what chance do Jonathan and Naomi have of keeping the far-reaching promises they made to one another long ago?

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